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God Nisanov "strip" from thieves and authorities

18.03.2023 08:16
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How a billionaire built his own mafia in the markets

Source: www.rucriminal.info

As it became known Rucriminal.info the employees of ATC SEAD GU MVD in Moscow raided a Tajik "authority" Hodja Gabora Kurbonova. The events took place in the framework of one of the investigations related to the shopping center "Lublin", which belongs to the God Nisanov. It is Khoja Jabbor who is responsible for the Uzbek and Tajik direction, built by Nisanov mafia network. To take this position, the "authority" and its influential patron had to eliminate a number of influential bandits.

According to the source Rucriminal.info a few years ago, migrants from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, who work in the markets of the God Nisanov, with their modest earnings gave a very small quitrent — it was a fixed amount (rather gratitude) in the mafia common Fund, which was headed by the "authorities" Mustafa and Shukhrat. To God Nisanov it seemed unfair that all these crowds of migrants work and earn on its objects, and in its personal Treasury falls nothing. As a result, the "star" of the former foreman of movers Khoja Jabbor rose rapidly in the criminal sky. At the same time, in order for him to stand at the head of the mafia vertical, he and Nisanov had to play a whole performance. Initially, Khoja Jabbor pretended to be completely controlled by Mustafa. But then Mustafa killed by the killers. The sides Rucriminal.info I believe that violence could be Jabbar and nisanov. The first long played out grief in front of the "right hand" and the receiver Mustafa Lutfullo. Also, Khoja Jabbor began to "whisper" Lutfullo, as if Shukhrat had dealt with Mustafa. And jabber together with the curator got his. Lutfullo dealt with Shukhrat. Thus, the way to the top of the Tajik mafia in Nisanov markets was almost cleared, only Lutfullo remained. The latter all the time covered Khoja Jabbor, in case of trouble with other criminal clans went to the showdown, often ending in blood. Jabbor was well aware of all the murders committed by Lutfullo, in particular — the elimination of Shukhrat. And he just passed Lutfullo guts law enforcement officers. Lutfullo was arrested on charges of murder, much of which was committed in the interests of Jabbor. Thus the load plan Nisanov and Khoja Gabbara. Jabbor stood at the head of the Tajik criminal clans, and Nisanov had a completely controlled authority, and a new stream of profit. According to the decision of Khoja Jabbor, migrants from Central Asia working in Nisanov markets were imposed a huge fixed tribute, dissenters were beaten and kidnapped.

Both nisanov and Khoja Jabbor solve their numerous problems with law enforcement agencies in one and simple way — with money. According to Rucriminal.info, somehow Jabbor was deprived of Russian citizenship, without waiting for detention, he fled to his homeland. There he was also immediately detained and released in exchange for $500 thousand. And then Jabbor as if nothing had happened returned to Russia. To strive for it, someone very influential who used all the leverage to his client could live in Russia and not go to jail. Then it turned out that the God Nisan, who is the ultimate beneficiary of the Khoja Jabbor Group, was troublesome. Nisanov now actively solves new problems of Jabbor. His problems with the security forces Nisanov, he said, also decided, and even the order of the President of the Russian Federation did not bother him. Money is a lot. Five months ago, Vladimir Putin ordered to develop measures to combat the shadow circulation of cash in the markets owned by the God Nisanov. However, since then nothing has changed, Nisanov markets are still financial mega-"Laundry".

As already said Rucriminal.info, Nisanov in their markets, built, and controlled by the Azeri mafia hierarchy. In the course of this work, Rovshan Janiyev, a "thief in law", was shot dead in Istanbul.

To be continued

Yuri Turns

Source: www.rucriminal.info

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